Heinz 57

Yes, for many a year now I have contemplated the mystery of Heinz’ 57 varieties.  Varieties of what?  Ketchup? (Heinz’ preferred spelling, as opposed to the Catsup produced by Hunt-Wesson).

And now, through the wonders of the internet, or more specifically the archives of James Lileks, we have the answer:


And so now one is left to wonder just how many of the original 57 varieties are still in production today.  You are on your own for that….

5 thoughts on “Heinz 57

  1. Very interesting. I’m sure I have never seen the Mock Turtle Soup, the Mutton Broth, or the Fig Pudding on the shelves at Safeway. Maybe the Smithsonian has a few cans tucked away. What the hell is mince-meat, anyway? The pie showed up at the occasional Thanksgiving in my youth, but I always gave it the kind of wide berth you would give plutonium. I could sense that if it was indeed a type of meat, it had been previously digested and regurgitated before entering the pie crust.

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