Heart and Seoul

Back from a quick jaunt to Seoul.

On Thursday afternoon I did a some strolling down memory lane. This is my first residence in Seoul (2005-2010)

And the last Seoul abode (2015-2017). Now of course I live in a palace…

Met up with the nephew for an early start at Shenanigans….

My friend Eve captured the Thursday night action at the bar…

I got comfortable and suggested we just enjoy some pub fare for dinner. Loaded nachos, lemon pepper chicken wings, and my favorite, pulled pork quesadillas. We were joined by our mutual pal Wan Jun. A good, but drunken, night for me.

Of course, the purpose of the trip was for some medical tests, an ultrasound of my abdomen and a CT scan of my lungs. They did the ultrasound first and while I’m waiting for the next test my phone rings. Well, sadly my phone rarely rings, but it was more than a little disconcerting to be called by Dr. Lee from the clinic on Camp Humphreys. She had the results of the ultrasound and advised that I had an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Shit. What do I do about that, Dr. Lee? Nothing now apparently. It is 3.5 cms (normal for males is 1.7. They don’t consider surgical correction until 4.5. There are no symptoms to deal with and the only course of action is to continue to avoid high blood pressure, which I’m doing through meds. Based on my internet research, if the aneurysm ever bursts I’ll be a dead man. Ah well, we all have to die of something, and I reckon that something will be something else. At least that’s my plan!

I’ll make an appointment with Dr. Lea soon to go over the rest of the results and she has graciously agreed to go over my report from Good Morning Hospital with me as well.

Alright, gonna go climb a mountain now.

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  1. WeLLL. Hope this all works out for the best. Assuming you’er writing of Dr. Sook Lee she’s watched over me for 15+years. She is a sweetie and the best to have watching over you.

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