14 thoughts on “Gracyn Rose

  1. What an adorable baby!! I see there’s a bit of hair peeking out from the cap — light to medium brown, maybe? What color are the eyes, Mark/Renee? (OK, I know eyes change color often — what color for startere?)

    She’s wonderful. ENJOY HER!!!

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words you shared last week,
    And congratulations again on your beautiful grand-daughter…

  3. What a beautiful baby! I visualize that even long-distance, she’s gonna have grandpa wrapped around her finger!

    Mark/Renee: Job well done!

  4. Great Grampa and great Grandma are already smitten by the charm and beauty of this child…Job well done Renee and Mark..Love and blessings to your little family…..Great grandma

  5. What the picture doesn’t show is how tiny she is, how long her fingers are and her feet.:) It doesn’t show the way she folds her legs up to her body-its like you have to unravel her to pick her up. Her ears are so small and flat. The picture doesn’t show how alert she is -she laye there looking around as if to ask what is this place? And that picture doesn’t show the way her mom looks at her, marvels at her as she touches her fingers, toes, cheeks, belly etc. That is what I wish you were here to see-truely a perfect picture of love if ever I saw one.

  6. 😆 I know how you feel, my first grandchild, Tyler, was born in Germany on the 4th of May. They are so tiny and fragile. Hope you get to see her soon, and I pray that my cousin in Iraq makes it home safely to see his first grandson. BTW I like your blog. Me – USAF Retired – did a year in korea ages ago. 😆

  7. I was surfing the web looking for the meaning of my daughters name and when I typed it in this came up. I was very happy to see a GIRL named Gracyn.That’s what I named my baby who was born jan 8 2005.Congrats to everyone.

  8. 😀 That’s so wonderful! It’ll be a long time before I’ll be a grandpa, but it’s always nice to see the effect that makin’ babies has on the grandfolks. Cograts! 😀

  9. Thank you MaryHunter. Being a grandparent is an event we have long waited for.

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