Damn, it’s been cold. Coldest I can remember it ever being in Korea.

I’d mentioned my water pipes freezing, well yesterday the plumber came over and “fixed” the problem. The result was not what I expected.

Impressive, no?

From the inside…

And they cut a hole in the damn ceiling. Well, the landlord was here so I guess he approved the work around.

Bottom line is the result I suppose, and I do have water downstairs again.

In other weather related news, yesterday I had my car washed. Maybe not a good idea because this morning the driver’s door was frozen shut. Wouldn’t budge no matter how hard I pulled on it. Had the bright idea of pouring some hot water around the door frame to loosen things up. The result? A puddle of frozen water on the ground. I finally crawled in through the passenger door and put my shoulder to the door until I busted it loose. Oh boy, that was fun.

Anyway, it is my last winter so I might as well feel the full force of it. I reckon some sweltering future January in the PI I might just be missing the cold. Naw, I doubt it.

3 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. Looks like my place a few years back. Koreans are very gifted a bout jury rigging but it’s never pretty. Chances are it will be left that way

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