First impressions

Well, I’m pretty much unpacked and settled into my new place.  Waiting for the washer/dryer to be delivered so it’s a good time to recap the weekend.

It’s quiet here.  Real quiet.  Walking the streets I’m just amazed at how little foot and vehicle traffic there is, even in the “downtown” area of Anjeong-ri.  I’m so used to the crowded sidewalks of Seoul I suppose, but sometimes it feels almost deserted here.  It’s not unpleasant, just a little disconcerting.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

I honestly don’t know how some of the businesses remain viable, but from appearances, most have been around awhile.  And of course, things are only going to bet better when the rest of 8th Army follows me down here next month.   Right now, the most prevalent business seems to be real estate shops catering to USFK personnel.

I did find a nice little Korean restaurant called “Me and You”.  It caught my eye because the signage said they served “American-style breakfast”.

And so they did…it was actually quite tasty.

I reckon there to be some 20-odd bars in the immediate area, I’ve probably sampled about half of them so far.  One difference from Itaewon is that very few seem to open before 6 p.m.  The other difference is most seem to cater to a very young crowd, mostly soldiers.  I understand that, given that this area lacks the diversity of foreigners (age, nationality, job type) that you see in the ‘twon.  I do miss that and it makes it more difficult to find a bar I’m comfortable hanging out in on a regular basis.  It’s early yet, I’ll keep looking!

I did play in the Saturday night dart tourney at a bar called IDK.  I don’t know what that stands for. Oh, wait a minute!  Anyway, the tourney was small and not so well organized.  Most of the players were new to the game and didn’t have much skill or knowledge of the rules.  I finished second (my former teammate Craig who lives here now as well) took first. Eh, I wouldn’t call it fun but it was something to do.

What else?  Apparently there is a weekend street market here.

Did some shopping at the commissary yesterday.  It is half the size of the one in Yongsan so it stands to reason the selection will not be as good.  Still, it was disappointing that so many things I’m accustomed to buying are not available here.

So that’s how things are so far.  Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “First impressions

  1. Yes Anjeong-ri is in the countryside…far behind than Itaewon…quiet….even yes quite boring esp.on winter when people don’t want to go out…I imagine life in outside Seoul…hope u get accustomed to easily or else it’ll be depressing…

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