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Not wanting to be accused of sexism by posting a gratuitous photo of a Korean lovely, I will note for the record that this person is a popular singer here who has launched a new line of lipsticks which will be marketed in 67 countries. Her name is Lee Hyolee. See, this is newsworthy. Really.

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  1. And what exactly makes you think your audience would be interested in this, this…?

  2. Well, it is interesting on all kinds of levels. First I have introduced my readers to an artistic performer who is indicative of musical influences in Korean culture. Also, it might be of interest that this young person has become one of a growing number of Korean entreprenuers. And it also shows how Korea is becoming an increasingly prominent player in the global economy.

    And I might have one or two small minded readers who just like looking at beautiful women.

    Hey, I aim to please.

  3. It would be interesting if you provided the music, if what you’re demonstrating for us are the syncretisms in contemporary Korean music. I turned the speakers back on but I don’t hear anything. So that was a nice try but neither Carol nor I fell for that one. We can see the clothing influence, of course, but that appears to be one-way also — not much Korean about her attire. How does this photo show how Korea’s become a prominent player in the global economy? Besides buying non-Korean styles of attire, that is. Do her recordings sell worldwide? Can I find them at Tower? Does she run her own recording company or did some agent find a voice and face (and the rest of it) and decide to make a bundle selling that package? How is she an entrepreneur? I could go on, but I suspect there’s no need. I’m with Carol on this one. Well, you probably expected that from me.

  4. Now, now Susan. The link leads to a news article that explains it all. She has started her own lipstick company, and her lipstick will be marketed in 67 countries.

    I don’t know what’s up with your speakers, but everytime I look at her picture I hear music. Just sayin’. 😀

  5. WooHoo! You win the prize Ashley. I was wondering who would be the first commenter to mention that. I am not sure what she’s holding either. It seems to big to be lipstick, and it can’t be something lewd (believe it or not, the culture here is very conservative, especially towards women).

    So, maybe the next commenter will explain it for us.

  6. No, John, it doesn’t say (at that link which I admit I didn’t check earlier) that she started her own lipstick company. It says that the lipstick brand is named for her. About the way I think some (big name out there) folks have fragrances or clothing lines or whatever named for them. It’s merely a sales gimmick to sell more of whatever.

    I did notice it but figured that she was holding a wireless microphone in her right hand — didn’t notice the one in her left hand originally — so it’s probably something else.

  7. P.S. Must be your tinnitis acting up, not “music.” Oh. You don’t have tinnitis? Are you sure?? 🙄

  8. I’ve decided they are candles, although I can’t understand candles in the context of the photo. I’m open to alternative suggestions.

    And alright, I admit it. Maybe the photo is not newsworthy, but I sure did have alot of fun posting it!

  9. John I would prefer to see an average Korean woman, a stripper, or a Korean prostitute ripping off American GI’s. Something normal. A real high society Korean whore with a Dildo in her hand does not meet the normal requirements.

  10. John – you feel free to post whatever you want; gratuitous photo or not. Lightheartedness is something in very short supply these days and a little more is always welcome.

    Although I still want to know what those things in her hand are?
    The Wide Awakes

  11. My Dear JOHN MARK…..I Have tried to think of something motherly to say…..JUST CANT THINK OF Anything…..MOM

  12. john give thanks to your socialist government contract… its blood money… and give thanks to the tons of little countries the usa can still kick around so you have work

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