Encouraging news from Iraq

Over at Captain’s Quarters is a post concerning the apparent growing enthusiasm of Iraqis for this months elections, notwithstanding the violence intended to intimidate voters from exercising their right to choose who will lead their government.

This election will be the turning point in the long road to establishing a democratic foothold in the middle east and will represent a key victory in the war on terror.

It is rare to hear good news reported in the MSM about our efforts in Iraq. Just as the naysayers were proven wrong in Afghanistan, the Iraqi people will show the world that given the option and opportunity, they will choose freedom over tyranny.

UPDATE: The link is fixed. Sorry ’bout that.

42 thoughts on “Encouraging news from Iraq

  1. Tried linking to the Captain’s Quarter but was unable to do so. That is too bad because I would have liked to read some good news regarding the upcoming elections. What I should like to read is a report about an increased number of volunteers willing to help out with the election process, vigilantes rooting out troublemakers who whould interfere or attempt to interfere with the election process, or particulars about the candidates indicating they support a secular state and women’s rights. While it is encouraging that the people in Iraq (or at least some of them) are excited about obtaining the right to elect their government, this is insufficient for America to hearald as cause for good tidings. Zealots, with a proIslamic bent may be happy to have the opportunity to elect a hardline Islamic government that would not be good news for those of us who wish to see a change in the Middle East.

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