Doing better

Just wanted to let everyone know I am doing better. Thanks to all for the kind words and support.

Lots of stuff happening at work and that is keeping it all very interesting. Nothing I can talk about here, but I am enjoying my work more these days.

In the non-work life there is not much to report. I got drafted to play in the Itaewon pool league. Which if you have seen me play pool would make you laugh. Seems a warm body that can’t shoot straight is better than a forfeit, although I’m not convinced. I played in my first match Wednesday night against Seoul Pub. Of course, I got soundly beaten but I accomplished my goal of not totally embarassing myself. Although I missed some shots I should have made, I never missed the ball I was shooting at, and that happens pretty frequently in my practice games. The guy I was playing was like the team captain for Seoul Pub and he was mercifully quick at cleaning my clock. Ok, I only had 3 balls on the table when he dispatched me (although he inadvertantly holed one of mine). Anyway, it was nice to meet some new people and I have continued to practice. I am slightly improved, but have a long way to go.

I invited my friends from Sweet Caroline’s over for a good ol’ All-American cookout Monday evening (only time everyone is off work, seems not all soldiers get weekends off, go figure). I’m looking forward to that. Menu: T-bone steaks, cobbed corn, sweet taters, beans, and salad. For entertainment I am going to show Team America: World Police. Sounds like fun, eh?

4 thoughts on “Doing better

  1. YOUR BLOG MADE ME HAPPY…..Glad you are better….Randall arrives in the morning…Staying one week……WE Need him really bad to finish up here…..Our email is still down….LOVE YOU MOM

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