Death and taxes

The blog is not dead and neither I am!  So far anyway.

Apologize again for the dearth of posting here at LTG.  The cold weather and diminished lung capacity have pretty much clipped my wings lately.  Which leaves nothing significant to report.

Well, people are dying.  I’m not talking about Mary Tyler Moore or other famous folk.  For example, there’s Gavin.  He was the long term manager at the Arizona Resort in Barrio Baretto, Philippines.  Had a few chats with him over the years and he scored me a nice discount during my visit this past September.  The reports from the scene say he had been feeling poorly for a couple of days, then encountered difficulty breathing (which sounds eerily familiar).  Went to the ER and suffered a massive heart attack.  By all accounts he was a great guy and he’ll be missed by all who knew him.

Closer to home, two long time expats in Itaewon have recently departed the land of the living.  I did not know either one personally, but I’m sure we frequented the same bars, likely at the same time.  One had a fatal heart attack while enjoying Seoul Pub, the other passed on outside the Itaewon McDonalds.  In a freaky coincidence, he had been drinking at Shenanigans and then left for a late night snack at Mickey D’s.  I had done the exact same thing only a couple of nights previously.

Anyway, being ill and hearing reports like these certainly brings home the fact that I am mortal and subject to the whims of fate at anytime.  I do feel the clock ticking on the rest of my life and have a sense of urgency that I should be getting on with the business of living it.

In that regard I’ve been spending countless hours on the internets gathering data about living the life of an expat in the Philippines.  Going to do some boots on the ground research for ten days next month.  I’ll keep you advised.

One of the tidbits my PI research revealed. That’s mighty cold beer!

At any rate, I’m not 100% healthy, but I’m doing much better than I was.  I do hope to have kicked whatever it is that ails me completely before I head out for my next Philippines adventure.  I can’t wait to stop being impatient.

President Trump issued an order freezing hiring in the Federal government.  That’s thrown a monkey wrench into a lot hiring actions here in Korea (including some in my shop) and has made my working life a little more interesting than I prefer.  I’m sure it is going to shake out in the next several days, but in the meantime I guess I can honestly say I can’t quit my job because I’m irreplaceable.  Heh.

Speaking of the President, he’s featured in a new commercial for Rush Cash here in Korea.

And let me leave you with this little gem from the past for your viewing and listening pleasure.

You are welcome!

Oh yeah, taxes.  I’ve got all my documents together.  Now I just need to get motivated to scan them and email them off to my accountant in South Carolina.  It’s always fun to anticipate how much my Uncle Sam will be ass raping me this tax season.  Oh well, I’m proud to be an American.

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