Who’s whom?

Sorry, Kevin Kim.  I saw this and immediately thought of you.  Don’t know why.

In other news, I’m glad I stopped listening to those voices in my head.

And finally, it was two years ago today that I posed with this elephant (I’m the one on the left) in Cambodia.

I’m a lesser man these days.  269 pounds back then.  204 at yesterday’s weigh-in.  5 pounds more to reach my goal.

And life goes on…



Maybe I’m a fool

To hell with it. I’m going to the airport and getting on a plane. Don’t even care where it is going, first jet out to anywhere. When I get to wherever I wind up I’ll max out my credit cards, drain my savings account, and then decide what to do next. I won’t be back. Goodbye Korea!

Hey, that’s my plan!

Life is like The Onion.

“I’ve gotten so used to being unfulfilled here that sometimes I forget there’s a whole wide world out there where I could be equally depressed and joyless.”

“I don’t know where I’m going to fritter away the next stage of my life just like I’ve wasted the previous two decades, but I know it can’t be here,” he continued.

I feel I owe it to myself to take advantage of some new opportunities to experience the crushing professional stagnation and perpetual self-loathing I’ve always felt.”

“Honestly, at this point, I might just throw a dart at a map and go be a useless fuckup wherever it lands,” he added.

Works for me!

Fuck that

Fucking hilarious.

Had the pleasure of being treated to dinner at Casablanca in HBC last night with my friend and renowned blogger Kevin Kim. I wasn’t very good company I’m afraid because I experienced a coughing fit that lasted throughout the fucking meal.  Kevin was gracious about it, and I also appreciated his encouragement as I struggled up the hill to my villa. It was a really fucked up situation.

Today I’ve felt mostly fine, not sure what the fuck is up with that.  If I’m not fully recovered when this round of meds is completed I am going to have to get more assertive about finding out just what the fuck is wrong with me.  Kevin sent me a link to pneumonia symptoms, but given the tests I have had done I’m thinking that’s not it.  I hope the fuck I’m right.

Tomorrow is inauguration day and I’m sure liberal heads will be exploding across our fair nation. I suggest putting that anger into meaningful action! Why the fuck not?

And no, I’m not serious.  I want all my liberal countrymen to stick around and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.  No fucking way he can be worse than Hillary, right?

I wish the fuck I could learn to be more tolerant though…

I’m off to Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek at 0700 tomorrow.  They say we are in for snow tonight, but the Captain I talked to said the bus would roll regardless.  The Army always goes rolling along after all.  Fuckin’ A!


It’s a marvel

UPDATE: From a Facebook commenter:

Kevin comments below that he'd be the perfect superhero for dealing with constipation.  I think the motto above fits that perfectly...

Kevin comments below that he’d be the perfect superhero for dealing with constipation. I think the motto above fits that perfectly…

Some of these new super heroes are just plain lame.



You saw it here first

Unless you also follow me on Facebook.

Unnatural beauty...

Unnatural beauty…

The New Yorker has a feature asking why South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world.  The answer, if there really is one, seems to be a cultural thing that I can’t quite grasp.

I like the way Korean women look without modification. And true beauty is found in a woman’s unique naturalness. That’s my opinion at least. I also dislike all the boob jobs you see in the USA, so this is not just a Korean issue.  Frankly, when I spot fakery (including that whole double-eyelid thing) it’s a bit of a turn-off.  But then I’m not the demographic these gals are trying to attract.

Changing gears, last night I’m sitting at the bar and past, present, and future walk in.  It was tense.

Which reminded me of back when I was in school my English teacher looked my way and said “name two pronouns”. I said, “who, me?”

Alrighty then.  Thanks for coming and please don’t forget to tip your server.  Come back soon, I’ll be here all week.

When you assume…

…you make an ass of you and me.  Or so says an old saw.

Today I had the occasion to write the word “assassin”.  I had never previously noticed that this word contains “ass” twice.  Back to back.  Asses rubbing together as it were.

It’s an amazing world when you stop and think about it.

What a friend we have in Jesus!

call jesus

Regular readers know that I’ve been feeling a little depressed lately.  I had a particularly bad time of it yesterday, so I called the suicide hotline number.  Got transferred to a call center in Pakistan.  When I told they guy who answered I was thinking about killing myself he got all excited and asked “can you drive a truck?”

Bada bing!