Categorically speaking

So the Pew Research folks have conducted a survey and created a “political typology” that purports to better describe the mindsets of the American voter beyond the typical “red versus blue”.

According to Pew, I’m a “Business Conservative”.  Take the survey yourself if you are so inclined.

(I found this all mildly interesting and I guess the BC designation fits me well enough.  I rather dislike surveys that give you an “either/or” choice of “which best describes” your beliefs when it seems as often as not neither do.  YMMV.)


2 thoughts on “Categorically speaking

  1. Looks as though I’m a BC, too. The questions were so obviously worded that it was easy to see which meant “liberal” and which meant “conservative.” I also loved the questions on immigration (“newcomers”), both of which totally sidestepped the issue of legal versus illegal immigration, forcing you to say ALL immigrants are beneficial or harmful to society. I’m guessing that the person who drafted this quiz leans fairly significantly leftward.

  2. Yes, those were my issues as well. I don’t have any problem with legal “newcomers” but this border invasion currently taking place is insane. Not much room for any nuance in the format provided. And yes, like most surveys of this nature the writer’s political POV was pretty clear.

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