Sorry for the lack of posting. It’s crunch time with lots of last minute details to finish before leaving Saturday. Today I accomplished the following: Shoveled the snow from the driveway to facilitate having a new washing machine delivered. Then went to Staples for a printer cartridge so I could print the Power of Attorney form I bought online last night. Also went looking (unsuccessfully) for a couple of footlockers. Radio shack for some power outlet converters (hopefully the right ones for Korea) and some AA batteries (I have The DaVinci Code on CD so I can “read” it on the 14 hour flight to Seoul. Then to the bank to execute the power of attorney. Then to Potomac Mills (an outlet mall) where I purchased new luggage, some winter boots, dress shoes and a belt. Oh yeah, we had lunch at Don Carlos (no telling when I might enjoy Mexican food again).

Back home. Carol’s off to Blockbuster and I’m gonna light a fire and open a bottle of wine. So, I will have plenty of time to blog in Korea, but tonight I’m just gonna enjoy being home while I can.


5 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Hey KID….My heart has many emotions today…Korea seems so far away….Yet I am so proud of your sense of adventure…..You have never been afraid to live life …I know this will be a memorable experience…Take care and enjoy this to the fullest….Your MOM

  2. Sounds like a great way to spend your last few days in VA. Snow, Fire, Movies, and Wine. Simple pleasures are very comforting. Soon you will be working when I’m sleeping and we will both be starting a new chapter in our lives. You a Grandpa in Korea and me a Mom in Carolina. When you come home you will have an even larger family to share your life with. Kevin will be married to Lynn, Grandma and Grandpa will be within a days drive, and of course you’ll have your Gracie (whatever you decided to call her, she’ll be proud to have you as her Grandpa). We will miss you. Have a wonderful adventure. Until July…

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