Busy day

Sorry that I have not given y’all an update recently. Yesterday was a full and interesting day. I will give a full accounting of my activities later today.

This morning I have to go register a car, find out why I didn’t get paid, secure my permenant ration card, meet with my realtor to go over the lease on my apartment, and see the transportion office to find out what’s involved in getting some stuff shipped over here from home. Oh yeah, I need to devote some time to my actual job too.

Things will settle down soon and I will once again be able to regularly provide you with the fascinating and thought provoking insights you have come to expect here at LTG. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Busy day

  1. John.. Even your: “sorry been busy lately” posts are “fascinating and thought provoking“..

    We won’t grumble too much while you take care of bidnis. After all, you’re the one servin up the free ice cream. We’ll just bang our spoons on the table till you get back.

  2. We look forward to your blogs especially when they share your personal experiences…..First thing we read in the morning….Take care and keep the blogs coming….MOM…We also enjoy Carol and Ashley….They have some interesting things to say…..LOVE

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