Back to the future

I got the call today!

Yes, I will soon be back to where I started just over ten years ago.  My former organization called today with a job offer for a GS-13 Human Resources Specialist position–the job I took when I first journeyed to Korea.  I’ll be doing the type of work I did for most of my pre-retirement career and I’m pretty damned excited about it.  Not to mention I’ll actually be earning a living wage.

Of course, the downside is I’ll be working a full-time, 8-5 type gig again with all the stress and associated headaches that come with it.  Hopefully my work skills have not atrophied much during my four year hiatus from being a working man.  Whatever the case, I will *ahem* work through it.

For the record, I never thought I would be one of those guys who retire and then comes crawling back looking for a job. .  My plan was to spend 6 months in the USA and six months in Korea and live relatively happy ever after.  Plans change.  Turns out the wife wasn’t happy in the states and I wasn’t happy without her being there.  With my being back in Korea on a more or less permanent basis I may as well fill my days with gainful employment, right?

So as lucrative as this new old job will be (I’ll be making more than four times my current hourly wage) it is not quite as sweet as what I left behind when I retired.  Because I’m being hired “locally” from a position that doesn’t include a housing allowance I’m not eligible for one here.  Which means I won’t be moving into a big ass fancy apartment close to work like I used to enjoy.  I also won’t be getting my shit shipped over from the states.  Ah well, I have most of what I need and I’ve gotten acclimated to the commute from Giruem.  I will have to go out and purchase some appropriate work attire (slacks, shirts and ties, and maybe a suit or two).

I felt bad calling my current boss with the news.  He just got back from his sister’s funeral so it felt like piling on.  I certainly appreciated his getting me back to Korea when I really had no other viable options.  For what it’s worth, I did ask my new old organization to let me start mid-April so that I might give a reasonable notice of my departure and they agreed.

Yesterday I was finally granted access to the computer network which I should have known was a sign that I’d be departing soon.  Hopefully the transition to my new old job will go much smoother than what I’ve experienced these past few months.

Whatever.  I’m back in the game baby!

4 thoughts on “Back to the future

  1. way to go john! by-the-way, you said you have most of what you need but really john you have it all. a beer stein, your darts and a yobo. what else does a man need?

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