Back to the future

Well, we are on the cusp of another government shutdown. Which complicates my working life in so many ways. Like forcing me to, you know, actually work.

So, the last two days have been filled with meetings and planning sessions. Oh, and if the Congress critters don’t pass a funding bill I’ll be starring in a Facebook Town Hall sponsored by the 8th Army Public Affairs Office. Had a hoot at the rehearsal yesterday.

Nothing to be done now but wait and see if the clowns in DC can get their shit together and do the right thing. I’m hoping for the best and prepared for the worst.

May 11th. That’s the day I’ve chosen as my last day.

3 thoughts on “Back to the future

  1. A few of my conservative friends, being generally anti-government, love these shutdowns: “If the government’s not doing anything, that’s a good thing,” they say. These same friends say the same thing about gridlock, a distant cousin of shutdowns: “We don’t want government getting things done.”

    I’m sorry that this messes with your life, but what the hell is a conservative doing working for the government?! Curious monkeys want to know.

  2. Ha Ha…believe it or not, I never voted Republican until after 9/11. Sort of my wake-up call. Yeah, I’m all about less government but better to use a scalpel than a sledgehammer…

    We are actually in shutdown mode as I write this and the Town Hall is postponed until later tonight pending the House vote. If we get funded I can get drunk If we don’t get funded I’ll do a Town Hall while drunk. It’s Friday night damn it!

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