4 thoughts on “At least I kept my head about me…

  1. I’ve heard that Duterte is a “hunt ’em down and kill ’em” type, so maybe we’ll see some progress under his watch, once he’s inaugurated.

  2. That’s funny. I’m familiar with the Kipling poem “If” but I must have channeled it subconsciously.

    Your comment prompted me to go read it again which proved to be a good reminder.


    Oh, and Duterte was inaugurated on July 1. So far lots of drug dealers have turned themselves in. Others have already started dying of “lead poisoning”. Should be interesting times in the PI.

  3. re: Duterte’s inauguration

    I must’ve been reading an outdated article. Thanks for the update.

    Then again… Wikipedia puts the inauguration date at June 30. Maybe Duterte is a time traveler…?

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