All washed up

The dryer installation went fine, but when I asked the installer about the washing machine he gave me a look like I could do it myself, gesturing at the two hoses that just needed to be connected to the machine and to the faucets.  I shrugged, it seemed simple enough.

Nothing ever is.

Alright, connecting the hoses was easy enough. The faucets didn’t indicate which was hot and which was cold. But what the hell, I’ve got a 50% chance of being right.

Now, since these are “American” appliances they come with 110v cords. Luckily, my house has both types of outlets…

…except when it doesn’t. Those are 220v cleverly disguised behind the 110 v panel. Now what?

Improvisation baby! I happened to have this transformer handy and put it to use.

Another issue was the hose drain was not attached properly so the hose wouldn’t stay in the drain pipe. I put to work some duct tape, but didn’t really expect it to work.

It didn’t.

Trying to do a load of whites right now, but something doesn’t seem to be working right.  Gonna have to get the landlord out here I suppose.

What a life!

3 thoughts on “All washed up

  1. I got a comment on my blog re: using duct tape to seal the large hole at the bottom of my backpack. I replied that duct tape is fantastically strong, but the adhesive is no good in moisture/humidity, and it only works when you get the tape to stick to itself. Your guy is going to have to go in there with some sort of sealant, I think. In the meantime, a temporary solution would be heavy weights (bricks? local stones?) to hold the square plate down. All you need to do is keep the hose pointed down into (and aligned with) the drainpipe, after all.

  2. Yes. My thinking too. I’ll look around the yard. I’m sure you recognized the tape….

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