Against the wind

And another weekend draws to a close.

I climbed a mountain. Played darts. Did a Hash. And learned of a death in the family.

Much easier climbing Mount Asan without snow on the ground…

Made it to the top….

….and planted the flag.

And we were rewarded with views like this…

….and this.

Yonder lies Camp Humphreys and lovely Pyeongtaek city.

Rafael, a guy from work was my hiking partner. It was a cold day with a brisk and frosty breeze, but we enjoyed our time on the mountain regardless.

Saw several of these grave sites on the way up and down. Maybe they are for the unfortunate hikers who make a tragic misstep….

Also came across this Buddhist Temple which appeared to be abandoned.

Last night I broke out the darts and played for the first time in several months. I was rusty of course, but still managed a second place finish. Tournament kept me out later than normal (and caused me to drink more as well). It was after midnight when I stumbled on home.

Did a two hour morning hike today, then met up with the Humphreys Hangover Hash House Harriers for my second Hash with the group.

Learning the trail markings for the Hash. Today’s hike was really easy and on terrain I have incorporated into my own walks. The biggest challenge is finding the chalk markings on the pavement and interpreting them correctly. I’m getting a little better at that now.

I enjoyed the company, which included my friends Daniel and Dela.

This morning I learned the sad news that Jee Yeun’s younger brother (technically still my brother-in-law) died. Not exactly sure of the cause, but Jee Yeun said he’d been drinking heavily since his marriage broke up. Sounds oddly familiar. Anyway, Jee Yeun is obviously upset and I offered all the comforting words I could muster. At least he is no longer suffering.

And that’s that.

2 thoughts on “Against the wind

  1. “(technically still my brother-in-law)”

    Are you technically still married? I somehow thought the cords had been cut a while back. Or do you consider yourself eternally bound to JY’s family despite being divorced? Just curious like a monkey, is all.

  2. I’ve been separated since December 2015. She never filed for the divorce she said she wanted, and I haven’t bothered either. I’m emotionally divorced. There are some tax advantages to being legally married, but finalizing things is on my pre-move checklist.

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