About last night

Smack dab in the middle of a long weekend.  Here’s how Saturday went down.

Started the day with my usual river ride…

….managed to kill a couple of hours of a beautiful day.

Then on my afternoon walk I ran into this chill dude. Asked him if he was early. Apparently he never left.

My new hometown, the lovely village of Anjeong-ri. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The best way to start a Saturday night is by putting some food in your belly. And with that done, it’s time to hit some bars…

First stop on my bar crawl was Shooters. Always dead, but I’m pals with Dela, a bartender from Cameroon.

Then I moved up the street to one of my other regular haunts, Galaxy.

Made friends with this gal there, but she was a real dog…

I don’t frequent Crystal all that often. It’s usually got a good crowd and they don’t really need my business. Staff is friendly and attractive though, and with an open seat at the bar I took advantage and popped in for a cold brew.

Having caught a buzz I figured I ought to get some religion. So I attended Mass….

I probably spend more time and money here than any other bar…

Mi Young is certainly one of my favorites…

The fifth bar of the night was Casbah. Kind of a throwback place that never seems busy…

So the bargirls were happy to see my wallet me.

Next I stumbled wandered over to Ariang. Not here too often, but it’s a friendly place.

Cute Filipina bartender. Don’t remember her name though… Damn, I just noticed how creepy I look when i’m drunk…

Ended the night at Horse and Cow. It’s an okay place I guess, just doesn’t seem to have much personality if you know what I mean…

But Lana from Uzbekistan is always pleasant to chat with..

In summation–

Cooking up some steaks and fixin’s this afternoon for some friends.  Might be marginally more interesting than this post.  Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “About last night

  1. The only place I recognize from my two tours at the hump is the casbah. Was on the main drag when I was there and a good place to get away from the juicies and listen to some good ole rock. Was owned by a husband and wife. His playlist was phenomenal. Uzbekistan and Filipina chicks? When I was there it was straight-up Korean gals. Some were straight from the farm. Nothing against those other gals but Korean women are the hottest. Are any of these clubs still there: Maxim, Duffy,s, 7 Club, Tophat? Peace out!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Soju.

    Casbah still plays good music. But they have a couple of older gals (mid to late 40s hustling for lady drinks. Takes the fun out of enjoying the music. I’d reckon bar staff is 75% Filipina. Rare to find Korean females these days (other than the bar owners).

    Duffy’s was torn down last week. They are widening the road. Only in there once and the girl asked for a W20,000 drink. I said no and left. 7 Club has been closed since I moved here, and last weekend opened as a new bar called Liberate. Never seen Maxim or Tophat so I expect they are gone now.


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