A new lease on life…

…in Pyeongtaek.

My new home town

Signed the lease today on the “Star Palace”.  It’s a done deal.  Just over $3000 per month, including utilities.  Thank you Uncle Sam!


Tonight is the last night in my humble villa here in Itaewon.  I’ll sleep at the Crown Hotel tomorrow and drive on down the road to Pyeongtaek on Friday.

Packers in tomorrow morning.  Then a final cleaning before I exit.  Close on with the landlord here on Friday morning. Stuff will be delivered to my new abode on Saturday.

It’s time for a change.

4 thoughts on “A new lease on life…

  1. All the best with the move, perhaps best to leave behind your habit of passing out and falling over in Itaewon!!

  2. Thanks thirsty. Long time no hear from. Yes, I hope to up my game down south. Or at least keep my feet!

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