A feast among friends

Yesterday I had the nephew and some friends over to celebrate a belated Thanksgiving with the traditional feast.

My guests–Wan Jun ahd his lovely wife Becky, Dela and her fiance Daniel, and nephew Justin.  My friend Dennis was also in attendance but he doesn’t like his face on the internet so he graciously served as our photographer…

The bird. I bought it from Popeye’s on base already cooked and ready to eat. It was actually delicious, one of the moistest turkeys I’ve had in quite some time.

It carved up nicely and provided ample meat for my hungry guests.

The sad remains of the carcass. All gave some, some gave all.

The Popeye’s package came with potatoes and gravy, cole slaw and a dozen dinner biscuits.

I made my Aunt Pat’s Recipe World Famous Fruit Salad, my personal Thanksgiving tradition.

And for the first time ever I prepared a green bean casserole.

I also made candied yams for the first time. Forgot to take a photo, but that’s them on the buffet table just above the cranberry sauce…

I also baked a pecan and a pumpkin pie. By “baked” I mean I took them out of the freezer and put them in the oven for the specified time.

That’s what my full loaded dinner plate looked like.

After we had exhausted the alcoholic beverages at the house we ventured out to the bars to contemplate the true spirit of Thanksgiving…

Wan Jun, Becky and Justin stayed overnight.  So I cooked up a little breakfast this morning.

Fried up some bacon…

Baked some blueberry muffins…

And some cinnamon rolls. Wan Jun cooked up some delicious scrambled eggs.

“How’d you guys like your breakfast?”

After I took the group to Pyeongtaek station for the train ride home I embarked on a 3.5 hour walk.  I was too busy to get my steps in yesterday and I’m sure that high calorie feast was going to convert to some extra poundage.

A new path today.

And that’s about it from your intrepid reporter.

Except for this sunset shot I took the other day.

Yesterday was the best day I’ve had in a quite awhile.  I needed it!

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