Dazed and confused

Had a bit of a Twilight Zone experience on the way to East Sea. The plan was to take Highway 6 all the way, but somehow I missed a turn and wound up on a different road. The signage indicated it would lead to Gangneum (my destination) so I wasn’t too worried.

And then suddenly I was in a parking lot. Seriously, one minute I driving two lane blacktop and then I’m not. Well, at the far end of the lot was a sign with an arrow that said “Gangneum” that led up a one lane alley. When I got to the top I drove into fog. Thickest fog I ever did see. I continued to creep forward barely seeing past the hood and damned if I didn’t find myself in ANOTHER parking lot. And I couldn’t find a way out.

I’ve never been lost in a parking lot before and it was more than a little disconcerting. I must have driven in circles for 10 minutes before I found a narrow outlet which fortunately eventually led to the bottom of the mountain and out of the fog. I’m sure there were quicker ways down, but the one I found included pavement, so I guess I got lucky…

Some photos from the trip:




14.JPG 16.JPG


21.JPG 25.JPG




Stayin’ alive

Well, just a quick check-in to let the faithful few know that we are still alive and kickin’.  Having some interesting times here in the Land of the Morning Calm, but also looking forward to getting back to my American life later this month.

You may have noticed that LTG was hijacked recently due to some malware that was in some old blog rolling code I used.  Got that fixed, so at least you can check in and see what I’m not posting about.  Although I do have good intentions to get back to posting one of these days…