Like ducks to water

Last night the McCrarey’s invaded Puddlin’ Duck for some darts.  Brother Keith (visiting from California) and my son Kevin joined me in the weekly competition, with daughter-in-law Lauren and Jee Yeun handling the cheerleading duties.  Who’d a thunk that you’d find so many McCrarey’s in an Irish pub of all places?

Now, Keith and Kevin hadn’t played in a dart tourney before and by virtue of the vagaries of the blind draw format wound up being teammates.  And they defied odds by winning their first match in a hard fought battle.  Kevin seems to have a natural knack for hitting the double out and that served him well.

Of course, they advanced to meet me and my partner Pat in the next round and we showed them no mercy.  Darts does not recognize family blood after all.

It was a good night for this McCrarey though as I achieved tournament victory for the first time here in South Carolina.

Nothin’ is finer than winning in Carolina, to coin a phrase.

Anyway, we all had a great time and I expect Kevin may become a regular participant.  And no doubt he’s going to be beating me with regularity before too long.  He didn’t say it, but his face said “payback is hell”.

Let the darts fly!