Mad Men

Well, I’ve blown through all four seasons of Mad Men now, with the exception of the season finale which I’ll get to as soon as I find it available for download.  Quite the show, especially for someone like me who enjoys time travel.  This is the best piece of writing I’ve seen describing the various levels on which the show touches the viewer.

Speaking of time travel, I watched Hot Tub Time Machine tonight and enjoyed revisiting the 80s.  Sappy in places, but funny too.  Worth a watch if you’ve got a couple of hours to kill.

Oh, I’m also into the first two episodes of season 5 of Dexter.  Episode 3 is on tap for tomorrow.

Does it sound like I’m watching too much TV?  Heh.  Man does not live by darts alone!

If you are looking to start the week with some good news…

try this:

While the Senate race remains extremely tight, most polls are pointing to a Republican takeover of the House. And as Michael Barone has noted, the shift to the GOP could be the biggest since 1894, let alone 1994. For President Obama, this is a nightmare scenario, with his legislative agenda lying in ruins, and facing a campaign for the repeal of his hugely controversial and costly health care reform law. November 2nd could well be the worst day for America’s Left in more than a decade, signaling the start of another conservative revolution and a firm rejection of Barack Obama’s Big Government agenda.

It’s a little too little….

….it’s a little too late.

As a result, we are seeing something unique in our history: an uprising of voters trying in every way possible to roll back an act that was always unpopular, and was passed by means most people think of as borderline legal, and without legitimacy in any sense of the word.

Whether people object to the act or the way it was passed is a moot question, as the answer is “both of them.” And its chances of surviving in the form it was passed in grow less and less every day.

Perhaps Democrats should have spent less time trying to buy and bully their members into stiffing their voters, and more time trying to build up the public’s support.

Perhaps when the Tea Parties began, they should have tried to pre-empt or defuse them, and not dismiss them as racists and “Astroturf.” Perhaps they shouldn’t have listened to liberal bloggers and listened instead to the voters.

But it is not too soon to say “I told you so!”