The schizophrenic American left is always entertaining:

  • It was wrong for George H.W. Bush to have left Saddam Hussein in power.
  • Regime change of Iraq under Bill Clinton: Good!
  • Regime change of Iraq under George W. Bush: Really, Really, Really Bad!
  • It was wrong for George W. Bush to have removed Saddam Hussein from power.
  • General Petraeus under George W. Bush’s command: General Betray-us.
  • General Petraeus under Barack Obama’s command: help us Obi-Wan Petraeus, you’re our only hope!

And let’s flash back to good ol’ Harry Reid:

Liberal advocacy groups and senators at the time accused Petraeus of misrepresenting the success of the surge of nearly 40,000 troops. …

[Harry] Reid told CNN in April of 2007 he did not believe Petraeus’s claim that the surge was working in Iraq.

“I don’t believe him, because it’s not happening,” Reid said. “All you have to do is look at the facts.”

At a press conference a few months later, Reid said: “For someone, whether it’s Gen. Petraeus or anyone else, to say things are great in Baghdad isn’t in touch with what’s going on in Baghdad, even though he’s there and I’m not.”

Well Harry, someone is a fool but it ain’t the General…

Spy vs. Spy

Well the Russian spy scandal has certainly captured the imagination of the media and brought back memories of those long ago Cold War superpower struggles.  Not to mention Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Still, I’ve got to say that the overall quality of the 21st century spies appears to be much improved. 


1960s–Natasha Fatale


2010–Anna Chapman

You know, I’ve spied more than a few Russian women here in Itaewon.  Although it is no secret what they are up to.

For a price.

“Our nation honors her sons and daughters who answered the call to defend a country they never knew and a people they never met.”

It was 60 years ago today that the North Koreans invaded the Republic of Korea.  Things got ugly fast, then with American-led UN intervention, they got better, and when China engaged they got bad again.  Finally, things ended up in a stalement (aka armistice) pretty much where they began, except for the hundreds of thousand dead and utter destruction and devastation of both countries.  That’s the short version of the war, a longer one can be found here.

Althought tensions have been running high on the peninsula of late, relative peace and tranquility reigns south of the 38th parallel.   Not so much up North of course, but it is that comparison that is the truest indicator of who won the war.  I doubt there are many citizens of the ROK who would willinging trade places with their DPRK brothers and sisters.

And so on this anniversary of that infamous day of invasion we should pause to honor all those who made the ultimate sacrafice that others may live thier lives in freedom and prosperity.

Honoring Walton H. Walker

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Honor Guard ceremony in remembrance of General Walton Walker, Eighth Army Commanding General during the opening months of the Korean War.   He is sometimes referred to as “the savior of Korea” for his stout defense of the “Pusan Perimeter” in the summer of 1950.  You can read all about the man and his exploits at the link.


U.S. and ROK soldiers on the parade ground.


Looking sharp in those dress uniforms…


The 8th Army band was in excellent form as well…


LTG Fil, 8th Army CG and Korean dignitaries perform the ritual of reviewing the troops.


Speeches were made and the flags of many nations fluttered in the breeze.  Not implying any connection between those two events!



The U.S. Honor Guard Company soldiers marched past…



…followed by their ROK counterparts…


We moved across the street to 8th Army Headquarters where there was a fascinating exhibit of Korean War photos on display…



…and remembrances of the man being honored.  What is interesting about those stars is they are the same ones the General Eisenhower pinned on LTG Patton during WWII (Walker served under Patton).


The Walton Walker statue waiting to be unveiled.  And after a very nice speech from American Ambassador Stephens…


…General Walton appears in bronze.  (I know it’s a crappy picture, but I couldn’t get closer with all the brass and muckety-mucks milling about…I’ll get a better photo one day soon…promise!)
A great day to be in Korea!

Blast from the Past–Walter Lee

In honor of Father’s Day, some snaps of my dad…


This is from Dad’s prospecting days.  He’d drive the ol’ Bullfrog (Jeep) out into the desert and search for precious minerals.  I do believe that would be a Geiger counter on his lap…


Back in those days his day job was managing a fast food joint called The Rite Spot.  He also manned the grill and was a master at cooking and flipping dozens of burgers simultaneously.   I guess he had to be because burgers were like a dime each or 12 for a dollar.   Popular hangout for the local teenagers in Westminster, California until the McDonalds opened up directly across the street.


Dad also always enjoyed doing the yard work.  If he couldn’t find the rake, he’d give a clean sweep with the push broom.


Evening relaxation was a beer, a smoke, and some Marty Robbins on the record player…


During the war Dad served in the merchant marine as a 16 year old and later enlisted in the Army…


And finally, here’s one of Dad (back row, 3rd from left) with his chums in Memphis, Tennessee…
Happy Father’s Day!

Arrogant and Incompetent

“Only the mediocre are always at their best.”

Of course, “it’s smarter to be lucky than it’s lucky to be smart.”  

And then there’s this warning from Germany:

“If Barack Obama isn’t careful, he will become the Jimmy Carter of the 21st century.”

Meanwhile, on the world stage it’s amateur hour.

What is most interesting about the items linked above is that these are the sentiments of Obama supporters!

So once again I have to ask: who are the rubes now? (which is far more polite than “I told ya so!”, don’t you think?)

Itaewon is a happenin’ place

A generally positive review about the ‘twon in an online mag called Busan Haps.  Now, Busan is about as far away from Itaewon as you can get in Korea without crossing water, but the linked article is from the “travel” section.  So, I guess that makes it ok.

Anyway, I might have a small quibble or two with some of the bar descriptions, especially as it relates to the purported clientele of these establishments, but it wasn’t full of the hate and scorn many folks have for my adopted hometown.  I did have to smile at the description of my favorite hangout, Dolce Vita:

For all you pool wizards and dart heads out there, the best two joints to venture into would have to be Bless U Bar and Dolce Vita.  There’s no point in even writing your name on the board if you’re not amazing at pool at Bless U Bar, and usually Dolce Vita as well.  Dolce Vita has 3 or 4 dart boards, so if you’re looking to start or get into a league, this is the place to be. It’s quite a trip when you first enter and see all these darts whiz by over your left shoulder; it almost feels like a bunch of archers practicing in front of a king from the middle ages.


Hot and Sexy World Cup fans visit Korea

So, I’ve noticed quite a spike in visitors to LTG these past couple of weeks.  According to my sitemeter account, most of these folks are coming from Google searchs for “hot korean worldcup fans” or some variant thereof.  Which is kind of funny, because I’ve only posted one such photo in the history of this humble blog, way back in October as the second woman featured in my popular “Yoja of the Week” series:


Well, I guess I can see how she might both stop and generate traffic.

And as long as I’m whoring for traffic, I might as well post this photo of the North Korean world cup  cheerleading squad, chock full of sexy, hot, Korean women in uniform willing to do whatever it takes to support the homeland.


Hot and Sexy Naked Korean World Cup fans on the march.  Well, almost naked.  Eh, half naked.  Ok, Hot Pants and naked legs. 

Bring it on Google!