Catch and Release

No, I’m not talking about Obama’s plan for what to do with captured enemy combatants.  Catch and Release is the title of a movie I watched this week.  Or more correctly, tried to watch.  Only made it halfway through before turning it off in disgust.  Rather than being entertained, I was irratated.  It started out slow, then got worse.  Insipid, shallow, and dull.  Which is too bad, because there were some good actors associated with this wreck of a movie.  Jennifer Garner, Juliette Lewis and Kevin Smith (aka silent Bob) were wasted talent on this shell of a story.  Hey, my first zero rating!  I’ll give it that.

Also watched a film called The Secret.  This was was just plain ass weird in a disturbing kind of way.  First time I had seen the whole ‘mom/wife possesses daughter’s body’ thing done as something other than comedy.  I guess it had its moments and it was mildly entertaining, but when the “wife” tries to seduce the husband while in her daughter’s body, it was just a bit over the top for me.  Stars David Duchovny as the would be incesterous father/husband.  I’ll give it a 2 out of 5.

And that’s about it from here folks.

Sticks and Stones

Well, President Obama really gave it to the the North Koreans:

One day after North Korea launched a successful test of a nuclear weapon, President Obama said that the United States was prepared to respond to the threat with “the strongest possible adjectives.”In remarks to reporters at the White House, Mr. Obama said that North Korea should fear the “full force and might of the United States’ arsenal of adjectives” and called the missile test “reckless, reprehensible, objectionable, senseless, egregious and condemnable.”Standing at the President’s side, Vice President Joseph Biden weighed in with some tough adjectives of his own, branding North Korean President Kim Jong-Il “totally wack and illin’.”Later in the day, Defense Secretary Robert Gates called the North Korean nuclear test “supercilious and jejune,” leading some in diplomatic circles to worry that the U.S. might be running out of appropriate adjectives with which to craft its response.But President Obama attempted to calm those fears, saying that the United States was prepared to “scour the thesaurus” to come up with additional adjectives and was “prepared to use adverbs” if necessary.“Let’s be clear: we are not taking adverbs off the table,” Mr. Obama said.  “If the need arises, we will use them forcefully, aggressively, swiftly, overwhelmingly and commandingly.”

I say go for it!  Tell Mr. Kim one more false step and we will throw the book at him. 

As for me, I’m taking action as well:  Ashes and scorn and vomit on you, Mr. Kim, Jong Il!

You don’t want to mess with masters of the carefully crafted invective!

Thanks to Andy Borowitz for giving me a good hearty laugh.





Organization Day

No, I didn’t get organized.  We had a little staff outing today.  Although there was not much “out” involved, we utilized the little picnic area directly across the street from the office.  Still, it was a nice afternoon.  Everybody participated in the pot luck thing.  My contribution was a banana pudding.


Before the festivities I had some work related business to attend to.  Namely, putting signatures on the recently completed labor-management agreement with the Korean Employees Union.  That’s Mr. Chi, KEU President.


Then we got down to the real business of the day, chowing down!


Burgers, flank stank, and hot dogs plus on the usual sides and the Korean contributions, including the ubiquitous kimchee.


Corine had her grandson Wyatt stop by for a visit as well.


Had a little badmitton and horeshoes too.  That’s In Suk demonstrating her rather unique style pitching the shoe.


The folks most responsible for my success, the staff of the USFK/8th Army Directorate of Human Resources.

So there you have a slice of a day in the life.

A Day to Remember


Here dead we lie
Because we did not choose
To live and shame the land
From which we sprung.

Life, to be sure,
Is nothing much to lose,
But young men think it is,
And we were young.

–Alfred Edward Housman 

Today is the day Americans set aside to honor and remember the men and
women who gave their lives in defense of freedom and liberty.

From the days of fighting for independence from Great Britain, through the
Civil War, two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan–our best
and brightest have answered the call to service in the Armed Forces.  And
far too many made the ultimate sacrifice so that future generations could
live as a free people.

Memorial Day has an especially significant meaning for all of us here in
Korea.  In this great land, over 30,000 Americans died fighting side-by-side
with the Korean people defending freedom.  One need only look around this
modern vibrant country rebuilt from the ashes of that war to know that their
sacrifice was not in vain.  We stand today with our Korean brothers and
sisters, ever vigilant and ready, so that peace may always reign in The Land
of the Morning Calm.

Sadly, but not with upbraiding,
    The generous deed was done,
In the storm of the years that are fading
    No braver battle was won:
        Under the sod and the dew,
            Waiting the judgment-day;
        Under the blossoms, the Blue,
            Under the garlands, the Gray

No more shall the war cry sever,
    Or the winding rivers be red;
They banish our anger forever
    When they laurel the graves of our dead!
        Under the sod and the dew,
            Waiting the judgment-day,
        Love and tears for the Blue,
            Tears and love for the Gray.

–Francis Miles Finch


Tournament report

So we wrapped up the season yesterday with the SIDL Awards Banquet and tournament.  My darts sucked big time for some reason and I never did get untracked.  Felt bad for my partner.  As bad as I played, we still eeked out a 6th place finish good for W70,000.  If I had brought my game who knows what might have been.  Ah well, I just never seem to do well in this event. 

Anyway, here’s some photos:


There was eats from Subway and Pizza Hut


And trophys for those who enjoyed a successful season.


For me, it was an award for 2nd Place in the mid-seasons doubles, and one for second place in the league championship.  I guess I’m like Avis.  I also received pins for 5-mark, 6-mark, 9-mark, bull shot, and league elite.  I think my greatest achievement however is maintaining my humility and modesty.  Heh.


L-R: Grant, league VP; Lonnie, secretary; and Max, President.  They did their usual outstanding job as our hosts.


Lucky, Dennis, and Ron from Eberhardt of Scrooge Pub.  Winners of the A Division Regular Season.


Dartaholics, also from Scrooge Pub, B Division Champs.  Don’t really know these guys (other than the token miguk Dustin).  The guy on the left really has a Sammy Davis, Jr. look going on though, doesn’t he?


Yours truly enjoying my moment in the spotlight…


One half of the Blue Bulls of Bless U Pub accepting our consolation prize.  I think we are all still smarting over the way we lost the championship.


Shane had a crappy partner yesterday, but sharing 6th place money was better than nothing.


Jim and Dan took 5th place.


Todd and Jodie knocked me and Shane out of the tourney and finished 4th.


Doug and Dave walked away with 3rd place money.


Jay and Dustin fought hard but had to settle for 2nd Place.


David (I think) and Mike were the tourney champions.  Congratulations!

All right, I think that’s just about enough about that.

The more things change, the more they remain the same…

As the Instapundit is prone to say: They told me if I voted for McCain the Bush administration anti-terrorism policies would remain in place.  And they were right!

On the bright side, this is change I can believe in.

Over at The Corner they have a nice take on the big showdown between Cheney and Obama:

President Obama and former Vice President Cheney weren’t so much a study in contrast today as a portrait of harmony. Both men agree that the Bush administration’s anti-terrorist policies were largely correct. Cheney signaled his acceptance of this view by vigorously defending those policies. Obama signaled it by largely adopting those same policies and emitting a fog of words to cover up the fact.

I’d say that pretty much nails it.


Ready for the weekend!

Ah, looking at 3 days and no work.  Good stuff.

We had a very moving Honor Guard ceremony today to pay respects to the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. 

Darts at Dolce tonight and the Dart League end of season tourney/awards banquet tomorrow.  Which makes this video about the proper way to drink soju all the more timely.  Not that there’s a wrong way to drink it.  Then again, not drinking it all may well be the most prudent course of action.  But no one has ever accused me of being a prude, so perhaps there is some soju in my near future.

” />
Hat Tip: On my way to Korea.  (Check it out, he’s got lots more cool videos posted. Just scroll down)

Well, I guess I ought to post something.

Something about nothing that is.

Truth of the matter is there not much new or interesting to report in my part of the world.  I know, I know, that never stopped me before, right?

Ok, well we are between dart seasons so that’s out.

I’ve watched some movies, but they were too old to review.  You know, Legends of the Fall, Dead Poets Society, stuff like that.  Well, there was a Korean movie, Sympathy for Mr. Vengence.  I guess it would be in the “Kill Bill” genre, if there is such a thing.  Entertaining and all, but it was pretty hard to generate much sympathy for any of the characters.  Except for the little girl.  You’ll have to see for yourself on that.

Speaking of movies, do read the comment Dennis left regarding The Civilization of Maxwell Bright.  He saw it on a much deeper level than I managed, but I did catch the point regarding The Book of the Dead.  In fact, I’ve been thinking about it and hope I can find that level of peace and acceptance when my time comes.

Which reminds me, I went to the doctor on base this week.  Time for them to look through the scope that sees past Uranus, if you catch my drift.  Apparently they are booked up in the surgery clinic until July, so I won’t get any news on the state of my colon for awhile yet.  I also got a prescription for Chantrix (not sure how it is spelled).  I haven’t picked it up yet (which is why I can’t spell it).  For those not in the know, it is a drug that is reputed to kill the urge to smoke.  Yes, I am thinking about quitting again.  Emphasis on thinking at this point.  My moring cough might be trying to tell me something.  That and the whole Book of the Dead thing.

My dad is also getting radiation treatments for throat cancer.  So yeah, I might need to reconsider some of my lifestyle choices.

Work is a pain in the ass.  I have a great staff and I work the hell out of them.  It’s not like I’m doing any heavy lifting on my own.  But I seem to be lacking enthusiasm and motivation more frequently than I am comfortable with.  How bad is it?  Well, the other morning on my drive to work, I wrote a song call Procrastination.  Sung to the tune of that old Carly Simon song Anticipation.  I was pretty proud of myself.  But then again, it was about the only thing of substance I managed to accomplish that day.  I am going to have to do something about my procrastination problem.  Maybe next week.

I did brief the 4-star today and survived it pretty well, so I guess that’s something.  Prior to the meeting someone said I was the guy with all the answers.  Perhaps, but I am not real clear on the questions.  Ah well.

So, what do you do when you don’t feel like working?  Make vacation plans of course.  Which I have.  Bali.  First week in July.  It’s high time I got out and saw something new in this world.  Looking forward to that for sure.

I do go on, don’t I?


It’s the end of the world as we know it…

Well, the USA as we knew it anyway.  Don’t miss Victor David Hanson’s take on the situation.  Pretty much captures my sentiments.

An excerpt:

Obama could have had a one-time stimulus, then vowed to balance the budget. He might have praised wind and solar as he asked the carbon industry to ‘get us through.’ He could have politely disagreed with Bush, but framing differences in the tragic notion of no good choices. He might have cooled the overseas apologies, savvy that other nations have more to apologize for than his own. Obama should have established zero-tolerance for tax avoidance at a time of record tax increases. He could have remonstrated with Wall Street, and sought to rein in excess without Europeanizing the financial sector. He could have proactively reformed entitlements with bipartisan support, rather than, as will happen, drastically address them in the 11th hour. But then to do all that would be to assume he never went to Trinity Church, knew no Rev. Wright, Ayers, Khalidi, etc., did not run mysterious campaigns that eliminated opponents before the elections, was not the most partisan Senator in Congress, and avoided rather crude social and racial stereotyping while campaigning. Most who read this will not agree, given the mesmerizing effect of the Obama charisma. But in time, unless there are radical changes, I think the nation will come to learn that such talent was not put in service to our collective welfare.

Read the whole thing.  If you have the stomach for it.

The Civilization of Maxwell Bright

Frequent commeneter Dennis recommended I watch The Civilization of Maxwell Bright and it arrived in this weeks Netflix shipment.

This 2005 “Indie” was a little choppy, but quite enjoyable.  The title character is basically a total prick who has given up on American women after several relationships failed violently.  So, he procures a “mail order bride” from China.  They say a leopard doesn’t change his spots, but he is charmed by her demure Asian ways.  And she has her work cut out for her in trying to help him understand the error of his ways.

The film was actually quite charming.  Funny in places, if not a bit over the top.  I think I enjoyed watching the dynamics of the cultural differences between East and West in the realm of relationships.  Mrs. Bright is a devout Buddist and I really found the religious underpinnings in the story quite fascinating.

No big name stars in this movie, althought Carol Kane who I haven’t seen in forever, made a brief appearance.  The cinematography was crap, which was somewhat distracting.  Overall though, the story made this a nice way to spend the evening.  3+ stars out of 5.

More of the same

Ah, another Sunday morning.  Where does the time go?

I had a crap (meaning stressful) week at work.  Fighting with the CPAC and Corps of Engineers about the release date for one of my employees.  I think I have it resolved in that we will share her services until my new employee arrives next month.  What a pain in the ass.  It seems as quickly as I fill a vacancy, someone else departs.  I’m especially disappointed because I spent big bucks to bring this person over here just six months ago.  It’s a two year tour, but I expect at least one to get at least a minimal return on the investment.  I guess I could have been a hard ass about it, but frankly, if someone don’t want to here I’m not going to force them to stay.  Well, I guess in the big scheme of things if this is my biggest problem I should consider my self blessed. 

Nice night Friday with the darts.  First time I’ve thrown since Monday’s disaster in the championship game.  Next Saturday is the end of season tourney/awards banquet.

It rained all day yesterday so I just stayed in and vegatated for the most part.  But that’s good too.  Not much beats an afternoon nap on a rainy day, right?

I visited YJ in the hospital Thursday.  She’s getting better, but man she looked miserable.  Brought back unpleasant memories of my stay in the same hospital last year.  The boredom is mind numbing.  Hopefully never again for yours truly.  (crossing fingers)

And that’s the way it is here on the ranch.

Where’s Jenn?

Well, it’s not like that Looking for Waldo, crap. I reckon she’s still shaking things up in Ulsan. But if you are a regular reader of I Got 2 Shoes, you will have noticed it’s been a long time no post situation over there. Not to worry, I got an email from her today and she’s fine, just working hard these days. That and she finally took her computer to the shop for repairs. So, once she gets that back up and running we will have elimanated a primary excuse of hers for denying us all the pleasure of her with and wisdom. She’s also planning a trip to Seoul soon so perhaps she’ll have some adventures to write about. Bali Bali!


Well, last night proved to be a dart too far as we suffered a tough 19-18 loss to Guzzlers at Geckos.

It was an exciting and well played match, a real see-saw battle.  But the way it ended was just hard to take and was an incredible disappointment.

We were up two legs at the conclusion of singles, and after the first two rounds of doubles the score was tied 15 all.  Remember, 19 legs is required for victory.

So, Ali and I are up against Joe and Billy (ranked 3 and 4 in A division).  We didn’t play great, but not bad either.  Well, Joe and Billy were on and took us 0-3, leaving the Guzzlers one leg shy of the championship.  Seung Youb and Scott played an amazing match (including a ton-80 from Scott) and in a spectacular finish, swept all three legs, leaving the score at 18-18 with the team game deciding the match.

We came out smokin’ and built a 200+ point lead.  Youb had a 41 out to shoot for, but left it at 14.  Well, I had been practicing my out shots, including the double 7, so I felt confident I could bring it home.  Two misses and then I leave it at 7.  Ali was next, hit the 3 and then missed two shots at the double 4.  Meanwhile the Guzzlers had come alive and were sitting at a 40 out.  Then missed, leaving a double 10 out.  Scott was next for us and couldn’t close either.  Then Joe hit it for Guzzlers and won the championship.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.  I have been reliving it in my head all day and it is still hard to take.  Alas.

On the bright side, it was one of the finest dart matches I’ve had the pleasure to play in.  Except for the ending.

Kudos to the Guzzlers for their hard fought victory.  Congrats to the Blue Bulls for never giving up and fighting to the last dart.