Jet lag and all that jazz

I’m in one of those vicious cycles. Still having a hard time falling asleep in what my body thinks is the middle of the afternoon. Then about 1500 local time (that’s 4 a.m. in Korea) I really start fading fast. Get back to my room and take a nap, then I’m up half the night and the process repeats. I figure I’ll be adjusted about the time I get back to Korea, then I can reverse the process.

On a more positive note, the training is good so far. And of course, I’ll be back in Virginia on Thursday night. It’s been a year since I’ve seen the green, green grass of home. Although it was never really that green. Lawn maintenance is not my strong suit, but Carol recently re-seeded so maybe it will be green…

Also I found so great North Carolina style barbeque last night. Yum!

And that’s my report.

Hello Columbus

I have arrived in Ohio. All told, 24 hours from my house to hotel. And I am whipped. I was lucky in that I had some extra room on the plane, but I still only managed an occasional cat nap. At least I have tomorrow to recover, training starts Tuesday morning.

It seems strange to be back in the states, almost foreign. How weird is that?

Coming to America

I just learned that my National Security Personnel System training has been approved. Which means that providing HQ gets my travel orders to me on time, I will depart this Sunday for Columbus, Ohio. On Friday I will leave Columbus and go home to Virginia then on to South Carolina to spend some time with family. Its been almost a year since I was home, so its about time. Definitely looking forward to it.

In other news, we had the dart league banquet last Saturday. It was a semi-fiasco. It was held on the rooftop of Hollywood Grill in Itaewon. And that’s what it was a rooftop. No tables, no chairs, and no shade. It was definitely a warm day up top too. The food was good, but you know, the logistics of eating it was sorta overwhelming. Some people just left, but since our team took first place I wanted to stay for the awards. Here’s some photos:

Ok, the only thing good about the rooftop was the view. This is looking out towards the Mosque. I live behind the Mosque. You know, I never liked that “up on the roof” song anyway. Now I can attest that it is pure BS. At least in the summertime.

As I mentioned, finding a comfortable position for eating was difficult. Ji Yong and Gina from the Bless U pub were doing alright, but Koreans are a lot better at sitting on the hard ground than I am…

Duke and Johnny didn’t seem to mind standing out in the direct sunlight. To hell with that….

The chow line was also in the sun. Trust me, I avoided the deviled eggs and potato salad….

Chris was occupying about the only shade to be found….

The highlight of the afternoon (such as it was) was the presentation of awards. Here Jim and I accept the first place plaque for Dolce Vita. Damn, am I really as fat as this picture makes me appear? Naw, couldn’t be, must be some optical illusion created by the intense sunlight. Yeah, that’s it…. Anyway, I also got a nice plaque for taking second in the league tournament and each member of Dolce Vita got a cool mug with our name engraved. Very nice….

After the awards ceremony was dispensed with, we all moved over to the Blue Frog for the banquet dart tourney. Here we are warming up (I didn’t have the guts to take a flash picture during actual play).

Tae Shin gives Tom some Korean first aid. No clue what that was about. Partners for the tourney were selected by blind draw. As fate would have it, I drew Tae Shin for a partner. I played with her and against her on a couple of occasions, and generally have better luck when she is on my side…

The tourney bracket board. Not sure if you can make it out or not, but Tae Shin (who goes by TS) and I started out fine (we are in the number 7 slot if that helps), then got knocked into the losers bracket by Sean and Max. We then proceeded to play our butts off up the losers bracket until we encountered Sean and Max again on their way down. We played a hard fought 3 leg match which came down to the last dart in 01, but we just couldn’t hit our out. Alas. Tae Shin is Sean’s fiancee and I asked him later if he had her throw the game. He denied it. Still, there were a lot of good players throwing, and we took 4th overall. I was not unhappy with that result and we played a lot of games and drank some beer in the shade.

The Dolce Vita players present all finished in the money. Here’s Jim with his partner Adam accepting the 8th place payout Adams T shirt was pretty cool, it says: “Keep staring, I might do a trick”, which many Westerners in Korea can relate too….

Tae Shin and me proudly accepting our 4th place reward…we each got 40,000 Won in those envelopes. Woo Hoo! Oh yeah, in the door prize drawing I also won a dart board. My lucky day…

Duke and his partner CH took second place. As you can see, CH is not happy about that. They went all the way through the winners bracket only to be defeated twice in a row. That stings, but still, second place was worth 100,000 each…..

Sunny (on the right) was our gracious hostess. She’s a real sweetheart. Note the green frog on the bar. The frog on the sign out front is green as well. Why is the place called the Blue Frog? Beats the hell outta me….

After the tourney it was on to Dolce Vita for some celebration (and beer drinking). This is a picture of Erica, the newest barkeep. She’s sorta of crazy, but fun.

Anyway, it was a good weekend and actually carried over to Monday night I was fortunate enough to take a first place at the Bless U tourney. Mr. Kim and I defeated CH and Rick, so CH was forced to settle for another 2nd place. Ah, too bad.

Ain’t my life just full of excitement?

Everything’s cool….

Well once again I am overdue for a post. Not much to update, but I’m doing fine. Had my followup appointment with the doc and she seemed quite surprised at the results of my blood work. I’m surprisingly healthy. I’m sure she expected some negatives given my lifestyle choices, but so far I’m doing alright. Which is not to say that I don’t need to make some changes. Gonna start walking to work 3 days a week (weather permitting) as a start.

More tests to come. Doing the stress test thing Monday. Need to schedule a CT scan because the chest x-rays were unclear (something about my fat getting in the way). I’m also supposed to do a pulminary test and I still have to do the colonoscopy. Eh, getting older is not all its cracked up to be, but then again, it beats the alternative.

I’m waiting to hear about a trip to the States later this month. It all comes down to funding. Seems the Army is out of money, but if it works out I will do a week of training in Columbus and then take a week of vacation and go home to Virginia and South Carolina for the 4th of July. I’m really wanting to go, it’s been a year since I was home and I’m missing my family, especially that sweet granddaughter.

Dart league starts up in a couple of weeks. I’ve been playing in some tourneys, but not playing well enough to have anything to brag about. We have our banquet Saturday and I’m looking forward to that.

And that’s about it for me.